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Look 4 Secret Message

Inference, Meredith Is So Silly, Yeah Okay Understood

if u figure out da message test others…if u wanna know if ur rite tho juss send me ur answers 2 my email…it saiz sumwhere on dis page…


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How to Tell if Someone Likes You


1. The guy will be extremely nice to you.
2. He will tell you that you did something good, even when you did it horribly.
3. He might make fun of you.
4. He will want to be your best friend.
5. He might complement you on something normal like, your hair, even if you wear it that way everyday.
6. He will stick up for you.
7. He will start hanging out with your friends.
8. He will flirt with you.
9. He will call you for no good reason.
10. He will make eye contact with a serious look on his face.


1. They always talk about the different kind of guys they COULD have.
2. They stare at you with a smile on their face and won’t look away until you do first.
3. They ALWAYS seem to be talking about how nice or cute you are.
4. They laugh at all your jokes, no matter how stupid they are.
5. They will ask you who you like, continuously.
6. They talk to your friends about you a lot.
7. They always are flirting with every other guy, except you.
8. They always try to make you jealous.
9. They beg you to do everything for them.
10. They always ask you what to do in a bad situation

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Things Guys Think Girls Should Know

Ø We’re not as big of perverts as you think we all are.

Ø No matter what you say, your ex-boyfriend is an asshole.

Ø We like you to give us hugs and kisses sometimes too.

Ø Don’t argue with us when we call you beautiful.

Ø Don’t treat us like crap, what goes around comes around.

Ø We know you’re pretty, that’s one of the reason’s we’re going out with you.

Ø Don’t go into detail about your period. It scares us. If you have cramps and we ask you what’s wrong, just tell us it’s that time of the month and nothing more.

Ø If you really liked us for us, you would let us think that our mustache, beard, or sideburns looked cool.

Ø We never shave our legs. Get over it.

Ø NEVER ask us if you can put make up on us. It’s just wrong.

Ø Don’t make bets about us, because one of your friends will tell us, if YOU don’t.

Ø When we tell you that you’re not fat, believe us.

Ø We absolutely do not care about, The Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, 98 degrees, or what any other guy looks like for that matter.

Ø What does PMS stand for?

Ø We may not be able to pee accurately all of the time, but at least we can stand up and go pee.

Ø Just cause you think you’re always right, doesn’t mean that you don’t have to apologize when you do something “wrong”.

Ø You expect us to say and do sweet things for you, but it would be nice if you did the same every once in a while.

Ø We like to know that you love us. We can’t always be spontaneous, so try to help us make the plans sometimes.

Ø Don’t ask us to beat up another guy for you, because you might just get what you wish for.

Ø Never kick us in the nuts “just to see what we would say”.

Ø Never pretend like you are going to break up with us and laugh when we believe you.

Ø Pamela Anderson’s breasts aren’t fake anymore, but we like yours better anyway. Size doesn’t matter, except to idiots who don’t want a relationship.

Ø PMS is not an excuse.

Ø Don’t tell us how cute your ex-boyfriend was. That doesn’t turn us on.

Ø And last but not least: We know you’re not always right, but we’ll pretend like you are anyway.

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